»Since 5:45 fire has now been returned«

A Different Kind of Reckoning – By Kurzer

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Money rules the World, so goes the saying. But the logical question to who rules the money is hardly ever asked.

On 23 Dec 1913, a private syndicate lead by Paul Warburg managed to clear a bill in the US-senate, by which the United States of America surrendered its monopoly of money creation to said syndicate, and as a result, the seeds where planted for all those following major events of the 20th century.

With it, the owners of this syndicate bought two World Wars serving their own interests only, including the necessary historical narrative, fabricated from their own perspective. They took over universities, education, the media and every socially relevant part of public life, whatsoever.

With their money they ultimately controlled eintire states and their judiciary. This way they created a seemingly unchallengeable plenitude of power. And yet, in the last couple of years, an ever growing community of truth-seekers began to form, who question the decreed narrative of the world and its conception of history.

If you are one of those, who always doubted the historical narrative about Hitler-Germany and sense, that something just isn’t right about it, then the following essay will present an adequate alternative depiction of the historical narrative, we are told to believe.

The true reasons for WWI and WWII are hidden under several layers of persistent system-propaganda. The truth is, there are two opposing worlds struggling for power, and this struggle continues until today, on a truly cosmic scale.

The conflicts and sprawling crises of our presence are now leading straight to the finale of the Big World Conflict and it will end in a way, that will truly tremor the world. But it will also lead to the ultimate freedom from serfdom, brought upon us by a dominating ruling class, which for centuries has valued its secrecy, while pulling the strings with their most powerful tool – money.

»Since 5:45 fire has now been returned« – A different kind of reckoning, by Kurzer

(initially published in German in three parts on lupocattivoblog.com)


Learning from history…

…that’s what all those “enlightened” rulers of the world confront mankind with over and over again, especially us Germans. While Napoleon defined history as the summary of lies agreed upon, someone should really explain to us, which lie we’re supposed to learn from. But it gets really interesting with a statement made by Walter Lippmann (1889-1974, American journalist, chief editor of “New York World”, correspondent of the “New York Herald Tribune”, his essays were occasionally published in over 250 newspapers):

“A war is only lost when one’s own territory is occupied by the enemy, the leading class of the defeated people is convicted in war crime trials and the defeated are subject to a reeducation-process. An obvious means of that is to implant the victor’s view into the minds of the defeated. It’s of decisive importance to transfer the ‘moral categories’ of the victor’s wartime propaganda into the consciousness of the defeated. Only when wartime propaganda has found its way into the history books of the defeated and is believed by succeeding generations, only then the reeducation can be seen as successful.”

The following essay will deal with the revelation of this kind of propaganda.

It’s totally clear to me that anyone to dares to deal with this complex issue will immediately be placed in the corner of conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, racists… And while mankind is being fed with countless fairytales, on the contrary it’s being told that there is no single truth and if so, it’s so complicated, only experts understand it. As I’ve been told by a preeminent scientist in his field, experts are people that have no clue … on a high level. Very good examples are those experts who, back in the 1990s beyond all common sense, sold us the Euro as the peacemaking project for the future. Just compare this assertion with the conditions we’re facing today. …

The full 40 page essay is now available for download in the latest version, reviewed and edited in April 2016:

Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned – full (rev Apr 16).pdf

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